Have you ever wondered where the super villainous obtain their dastardly and destructive weapons? Where they obtain legions of willing minions? Do you think that hordes of mutated fungus creatures grow on trees? Well, it's possible they do. But who owns the trees it grows on? Skelnick Industries is a multi-planal conglomerate that develops, manufactures, distributes, and services reverse life engineering equipment, resources, and personnel for the adversarial community. And what happens when, as with all things, these things just stop working? This book focuses on the brave souls who work in the customer service/technical support departments of the Skelnick Corporation, purveyor of fine antipersonnel goods and services. Available on Comixology 

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drag - a bayou fairy tale

WE THE FIGHTERS is a comic that is all action and absolutely nothing else. It's an homage to comics from the Golden Age. Where heroes battled villains. Innocent bystanders and landmark buildings were destroyed or maimed. And yes, we believe buildings can be maimed. It's my love letter to the great artists like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Gene Colon, John Buscema, and

John Romita. The men who created the images that fueled my imagination.

Hopefully available on Comixology soon. 

Toys for Tyrants

 A melancholy bayou fairy tale as told through the remembrances of a Frog, and a Gator. There are many strange and familiar things floating in the Louisiana bayou, and drag-boat captain Antoine "Hustle" Labourteaux has the dubious job of finding them. Only now, something is looking for him.

Available on Comixology 

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